Amazing Hotel Lobby Flowers

Posted by on October 4, 2011

This blog was inspired by a blog written by the Flower Shop Network on hotel lobby decor.  They wrote about a flower arrangement that looked just like a green flying dinosaur.  You can see it below, it was such a fun arrangement!  They called it the Brontoterodactylsaurus!  (Try saying that five times fast!)

Seeing the Brontogterodactylsaurus made me want to research some more fun hotel lobby arrangements.  They always seem to be the biggest and the best, right?  Check out some of my findings below:

This one is from the Oriental Hotel lobby in Bangkok.

This romantic arrangement is from the Ritz-Carlton, Doha.

Even something as simple as a vase of tulips are a perfect fit for this hotel lobby.

This one is quite impressive!

Look at the grand piece you could make with just a few hydrangeas and vases!

This one adds a classy touch!

Simple, but elegant!

Check out this massive arrangement in the hotel lobby of George V!

The Four Seasons in Mexico City.


I could go on and on with amazing hotel lobby arrangements, but I won’t today.  If you have any amazing hotel lobby arrangements, please do share them with us!  We would love to see them.  Post them on our Facebook page if you can!


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8 Responses to Amazing Hotel Lobby Flowers

  1. USA Florist

    Nice arrangements of flowers and really great ideas for floral arrangements.

  2. admin

    Thank you! Please check our website and Facebook page, there are always new arrangement ideas.

  3. Manojkumar Latpate

    i really like your arrangements , and i iearn also thanks for sharing

  4. Manojkumar Latpate

    i really like your arrangements , thats are amazing

  5. rukmal jayadewa

    i really like your arrangements…

  6. Jayson Ulman

    I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta state appreciate it for the post on this perfect one :D .

  7. andry

    nice arrangements, graet for the idea…..

  8. istanbul cicekci

    perfect flowers veryy good

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