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Scents you wanted to know..

Scent is such a popular element of cut flowers that the first thing most of us do when buying a bouquet is smell the flowers. Floral scents are one of the most popular smells, and the perfume industry expends a great deal of effort trying to reproduce the authentic fragrance of fresh flowers. There have &hellip Continue reading »

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The Meaning Behind your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s day is only a few days away (I hope everybody has their orders in to their local floris already!). Have you ever wondered what the meaning behind the flowers you were giving or recieving meant? Well, we have put together a list of the most popular flowers given on Valentine’s day and the meanings &hellip Continue reading »

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Rose Producers

Large flower markets worldwide rarely leak out any information about their flower production process. With Valentine‚Äôs Day only 13 days away we can only imagine how crazy flower markets are for the next 2 weeks. Many rose farms make a large profit around this time every year. According to International Business Times, Colombia exports about &hellip Continue reading »

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