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9 Modern Centerpieces

With wedding season coming up, we wanted to share a quick video that can be found on’s website! This video includes inspirations for some modern and unique centerpieces. And remember, we can do them all! Share on Facebook Tweet This Post

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All About Tulips!

If you adore this springtime beauty, you’re not alone. This Persian native first came to Europe in 1559 via Turkey, and, in an instance of foreign-language confusion the flower’s name was derived from the Turkish word for turban. Although the flower is most often associated with the Netherlands, it wasn’t, in fact, imported to this &hellip Continue reading »

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Flowers Aren’t Just For Women!

With the Arnold Palmer Invitational coming up, March Madness happening, and Spring training going on, you might not think to get your man some flowers. What special way to show him some love than by getting him a golf-themed arrangement? Or a baseball-themed basket? We’ve compiled a few options we have for that special man &hellip Continue reading »

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Essential Questions For Your Florist

Choosing a florist can be a hard task for brides. When choosing a florist (hopefully us!), we recommend coming prepared with some questions. These questions will be helpful for you to fully get acquainted with your florist and will hopefully answer all the questions you may have or might forget to ask. Where can you &hellip Continue reading »

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The Glossary of Bouquet Shapes

You may have thought that the only difference between bouquets was the flowers in them; in fact, there are many different styles and shapes of bouquets. Some, such as the composite, are valued for their artistic flair; others, such as the cascade, are admired for their distinctive shape. Still others, such as the pomander, are &hellip Continue reading »

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Spring Flowers

With spring in full gear, this wonderful weather may make you feel like picking up some beautiful flowers for your house. Our blog today is going to help you with flowers that are in season right now. When flowers are “in season,”  it means that these flowers are in full bloom, ready to be picked &hellip Continue reading »

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